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About Us

The foundations of our work and daily processes

Virtual Reality Design

We design immersive virtual environments for a multitude of research projects and virtual gaming experiences! See projects section for previous and ongoing activities.

Virtual Reality Development

Using the latest technologies, we program complex virtual reality experiences for research and entertainment purposes alike!

Research Studies

We design and conduct research experiments for various purposes using the immersive virtual environments we create. These purposes include health promotion, social psychology, simple entertainment and more.

Creative Activities

We frequently engage in team-brainstorming, design thinking and creative practices to exchange ideas for well-rounded design work.

Game Design & Development

Using industry standard hardware and software, we create innovative interfaces and immersive experiences for virtual reality gaming and research purposes.

UX Design and Playtesting

While designing and developing immersive virtual environments, we perform frequent usability testing to ensure optimal quality and improve the overall experience of the end-user.

Team Members

The Spartan experts in virtual reality

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404 Wilson Rd, Communication Arts and Sciences Building, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48823